Outright Brazenness

I have absolutely no doubt regarding the political motive behind this. BJP/NDA feels it has the government in a corner.

This makes it more proactive finding issues and making a national issue out of it. And the government has been doing its bit to help them. On 2G scam, Commonwealth Games, Adarsh Housing scam, Swiss Money mess, CVC controversy et al the govt has been on the backfoot and there are no signs that it has any seriousness to solve these problems(or atleast appear to do so).

Cherishing this situation, the opposition believes it has a chance to make the govt panic and hence force it to take stupid steps.

But for now lets put aside the overall, gloomy picture.

The issue I’m miffed up about at this point is that the brazenness with which the state govt in J&K has been allowed to stop the unfurling of  the flag at Lalchowk in Srinagar. There has been no attempt by anyone in the central govt as well to stop this move by the J&K govt.

Now I’m not supporting BJP on this. I also agree that the security situation in J&K is very tense and any such attempt especially by a Hindu sympathetic political party is bound to further escalate the tension there.

But I strongly believe that stopping  anyone to unfurl our tricolour in any part of our sovereign territory is outrightly WRONG. This is against the constitution and anything which is so must be acted against by the central govt(or any govt for that matter). If for meeting the political ends or for the fear of annoying the separatists(read : real trouble makers) the govt acts in such a cowardly manner I am ashamed. I feel let down.

This event, I feel, is one of the saddest ones of our democracy.


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Hello, I am a Affiliate Executive working for an e-commerce company. Enjoy the platform – INTERNET!! Aged 21, I have caught on with the blogging fever lately.I am a voracious reader; internet surfing and watching movies being my other interests.

One response to “Outright Brazenness

  1. avi

    are bhaiya its 2 good… your writing is an apt portrayal of what the youth of INDIA thinks about all thats happening around us..scams..strikes..scandals n all…believe me u have an altogether different level of writing bhaiya…. kudos!!!

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