The Obsession with Cricket

In this season of WC, it it difficult  to find a sane advt. which has some concept ingrained in it(except cricket, of course).

Recently I’m really getting miffed up seeing the obsession of advertisers trying to relate any and every product of theirs with cricket.

-The advt. of Parryware, where the umpire asks for a loo break instead of giving a decision(with a terrible expression).

-The advt. of Tata sky, where the umpire( yeah again!) asks Babloo, who is watching the match on Tata Sky Digital TV to give the decision.

-The advt. of Castrol, where the World Cup ka Hero faces problem viewing the coverage and asks the umpire to adjust himself to suit his needs.

Now the list may go on and on but my point is why is this obsession, almost a fetish, to link every advt, to cricket. I understand that it is the single most event where there is an guaranteed audience, where we Indians are sure to be attracted. But making a below par advt. just because of these reasons, I believe, is pathetic mindset.

When you are spending millions of rupees to broadcast your advt. on primetime or at big cricketing events, what sense does it make to show an advt. which is absolutely rubbish.  Hence even if you don’t have something related to cricket like vodafone  or big rock(and many others) ads, which make their point in a brilliant manner, you have made your point with great impact.

P.S.  I don’t believe there is any dearth of  talent in advertising industry in India, but this trend gets a huge thumbs down from me.

This trend is not only stupid but is downright loathable.





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One response to “The Obsession with Cricket

  1. kruti

    vodafone is always the best….

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