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Sometimes I feel damn angered at the state of affairs in this country. I call myself an optimist but hey, even he is entitled to short bursts of frustration sometimes, isn’t it? But being in one of my lighter moods, I laughed at the news.

I was going through the NYT yesterday and came across the following:

Title : Australia Signs Deals to Expand Internet Service

Well, fair enough. Nothing wrong or humorous with this one.

Details : Australia‚Äôs $38 billion plan to deliver high-speed Internet to more than 90 percent of its households cleared one of its last major hurdles Thursday when the government signed $12.5 billion worth of network deals with Telstra and SingTel…..

And the article went into explaining what and how of the plan and its planned execution.

And then The deals are a victory for a deeply unpopular Labor government, which has made the network a major plank in its program, as the vast distances and rugged terrain in Australia keep Internet speeds slow and costs high.


What electoral planks!!

What we have in India as the electoral issues is well known – Free Tvs, Laptops, Rice at 2/kg, Chicken and Alcohol the night before voting and PROMISES of course.

When will these issues go away as enticing factors for a vote? When would we vote for someone on the basis of development, someone who promises and delivers on good, sound economic policies? Or rather the more prudent question to ask would be when would we as a society become ‘literate enough’ to make decision, whatsoever, on their understanding of things? Probably, still a long way to go.

But Hello.. I remember saying here that I’m an optimist. So here it goes.

Yesterday I was talking with Mr. Sachin Lathia, when he mentioned that his office boy was being sponsored by some Mr. X. for studies in std. 11 and 12. This Mr. X regularly contacts Sachin Sir and offers some amount for sponsoring some students for specific courses which allow for employment of some form. Great service indeed. Hats off to Mr. X and Sir for doing such service.

A few days ago our house maid was asking my mom to teach her daughter against her salary.

The realization of these illiterate people to make their children learn and earn is something exemplary. And this, I believe, would usher India into the next phase of growth and prosperity.

This is the ‘News of the Day’ or rather of the age that either in 15 or 50 years time, the factors on which we would judge people and make our perceptions and decisions would completely differ from those now.

Courtesy : NYT


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